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Jean-Pierre "JP" Lardinois

( ° 13.04.1949 )

I joined the FAE in 1966, in Saffraanberg. I was transferred as an airframe technician to Brustem, the training base for student pilots who flew the Fouga Magister. With the arrival of the Mirage in Belgium, I applied to join 3 Wing Tac in Bierset. After a few years as crew-chief at the 1st Squadron, I was assigned to the Esc. Intervention and this until the end of the Mirage. My last years of active service were spent at the AML of 15 Wing in Melsbroek. Thanks to the BD 09, I am back to the good atmosphere that used to bring us together, the Sensation flight also attracting the old-timers and bringing back so many memories.