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Our TEAM BD 09 puts the afterburner on.


TEAM BD 09 looks forward to 2024 with a supersonic, Mach 1 bang every time we break the sound barrier with you in our Sensation Flight.
Indeed, after a long period of programming and test flights, the TEAM has succeeded in perfecting a totally innovative Virtual Flight, a SF that will give you the unique experience of a supersonic flight over Belgium at the magical speed of Mach 2.2, i.e. over 2.400 km/hour.
To keep this project on track, we need your support, the support of our loyal sympathizers, the support of all Miragists and fans of this wonderful aircraft, the Mirage M5 B.
Once again this year, we're asking you to remain a member or to become one.
This can be done by transferring 20 € to our account BE69 9733 7032 1378 of Mirage 5 BD 09 Restoration Group, mentioning your Surname + First name - Fee 2024 - E-MAIL ADDRESS
To become an honorary member, just pay 50 €.

We look forward to welcoming you in our H27 for a supersonic journey in 2024.



After payment you can have your application approved on this website via the following steps:





















Let's all make sure we continue this wonderful work, maintain our BD 09 in honor and glory and in the future show our aircraft to the passionate Mirage public even more.

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