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The Droneport is currently undergoing a considerable expansion in terms of the number of based aircraft as well as the number of flight movements and related activities.
Due to a combination of circumstances, TEAM BD 09 has been informed that the move of our Mirage BD 09 to another hangar has become inevitable.

TEAM BD 09 is not sitting still and is already fully active in the former maintenance hangar in Brustem! A beautiful vintage building where our activities will undergo
a real metamorphosis: back to the roots of aviation in Brustem.
Since the Mirage was once operational at the EBST airfield, we can say with certainty that work on the Mirage took place in or around this building,
which reinforces the vintage impression. And here, TEAM BD 09 can make something super beautiful out of it.
Our last performance in the Droneport hangar took place on 02/10: a company discovery day. Then, on 04/10, our convoy set off in the direction of H27
which is the old aircraft maintenance building of the base.
However, there is still much, much work to do in terms of electricity, Wifi, toilets, security, adaptation and painting of the premises, cleaning of the hangar, etc...

To answer the question of when we expect to be operational again, it's pretty hard to say, but we are planning a grand opening of H27 in due course.
For that, we invite you to keep an eye on our website as well as our Facebook for updates and the announcement of the resumption of our activities with among others our now
popular Sensation Flight.
So be patient, TEAM BD 09 will definitely be back in H27, with even more opportunities to welcome our visitors in style in and around our Mirage
and other didactic material.

Hope to see you soon in H27.

Lichtenberglaan  3800 Sint Truiden

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