Marc Schraepen


( ° 20.08.1954 )

Son of an armed forces serviceman, I join the army as an enlisted in 1973 and ended my military career in 2010 in the 15th Transport Wing in Melsbroek.
After being assigned to different bases, I was transferred to the 3rd Wing of Bierset in 1982. There I had the chance to get to know the Mirages and followed them later, including the BD 09, to Weelde, where they were stored at the end of their careers. At that time, I was working in logistics.
In 2016, still passionate about the Mirage, I learned of the existence of a "BA 27 Cockpit Club" and asked to be part of it. So, my adventure continued with another Mirage, the BD 09, in the TEAM BD 09, well known to airplane enthusiasts.