Rohnny Schils

I started my military service in Turnhout in the army. Then to Leopoldsburg, 8th Line, then 3 months Carpatten training Stormfusillier, 6 weeks Arlon training ATK, then Helchteren after the Air Force left there. For more than 50 years I have been a collector of military heritage with an emphasis on World War 2 and my collection has translated into the development of the Winter 1944 museum in Borlo. www.Winter1944.com

My interest in the Air Force got a boost 30 years ago after meeting "Celle" De Petter, Mirage pilot. On the question of "Celle": what is one of your dreams concerning your collection or for your museum I gave as answer: a tank standing backwards in the hedge, as a sign for the museum. "Celle" takes his dictaphone and says: "Tank questions for Rohnny".  No more, no less. 2 years later in 2006, with many letters, meetings, the tank stands in front of the museum Winter 1944. Thanks "Celle". I was of course present at the arrival of the BD 09 in Brustem on 01/02/2018. It was a great honor for me to be among all those veterans of the Air Force to contribute to this special assembly of the BD 09 and especially when later the engine ATAR 9C in the fuselage of the Mirage got its place back. I also helped to hang back the 1700 l fuel tanks.
As a non-military man, I do fit in well with the team and enjoy their team spirit to the fullest. When the team asks me to help out, I do so with great pleasure, hence the strong bond with Team BD 09.  One thing leads to another and gradually you become a member of the BD 09 Team.