Welcome to the Mirage BD 09.

Keep the Mirage history alive.



The aim of the “Mirage BD 09” website is to become a meeting place designed by and for all Mirage enthusiasts.

If we manage to gather and share data about the BD 09 and the Belgian Mirage fleet with our visitors and members, this website will be a great success. The data can consist of photos, documentation, anecdotes, war stories...

We warmly invite you to make available as much Mirage data as possible free of charge and forward it to the BD 09 Restoration Group. TEAM BD 09 will examine this information and, if relevant, place it on the site.


12 min
20 €

Sensation Flight
Due to Covid, it is not possible to book now
Sensation Flight

Upcoming events


Droneport:  Homebase of the TEAM BD 09.

Here too, the Coronavirus still has the upper hand and all events have been postponed or cancelled.
But don’t worry, because as soon as possible the TEAM BD 09 will strike back and will, with great enthusiasm, organise the future events.

Meanwhile enjoy the numerous very nice videos of the TEAM activities and of the BD 09 in particular. By continuing your surf on the site, you will find all kinds of informations about this magnificent aircraft, the MIRAGE M5 B.



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